British International School Bratislava J. V. Dolinského 1 Bratislava jasle škôlka detské centrum
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British International School Bratislava - Bratislava

At the British International School Bratislava, our inspirational learning environment will allow your child to achieve things they never thought possible.

  • Activities
  • Beyond the classroom, your child will explore the wonders of the arts and the thrill of sport, learning to be creative, collaborative and to become a leader. Our students are all given the opportunity to explore their passions, whether they are in sport, dance, drama, music or art. Extra-curricular activities help children to develop confidence, socialise with others and learn self-discipline.
  • Sports
  • We have a wide-ranging programme of sports and physical activity, so every child can find something to enjoy:
  • Goal shooting
  • Arts, Music and Drama
  • Art plays a huge role in the curriculum, and we proudly display a range of art and crafts created by our students in the school.
  • Primary music lesson
  • Trips and Expeditions
  • Learning outside the classroom is an important part of our students’ development. We are very fortunate to have access to unique resources and outstanding opportunities in our part of the world.

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